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I'm a hybrid author and working artist who's been involved in the indie publishing industry since 2016. I transitioned fully into cover design in 2020, when I realized that making covers was my favorite part of publishing. After two years of working for a well-known studio under an amazing lead designer, I decided to scale down and open my own small space again. 

My cover design philosophy is best described as small-batch. I like thoughtful design that hits genre expectations, but leaves room for an author's individuality to shine through. I love Easter eggs, but not at the expense of targeting specific markets. That said, I love watching the evolution of specific genres, too. And I think the right flex at the right time can be game changing. 

When I'm not working on premades or covers, I'm generally on my tablet making bookish stickers, taking classes, reading steamy monster romance, or hanging out with family and friends.


Why can't I just schedule directly on your calendar?


It's very important to me to make sure I give each author and project the time, research, and interaction they deserve. To that end, I have limited my available slots so no one gets shorted. It's important to me to be able to review booking forms before scheduling so I can get a good handle on the project as a whole and find a time that will work for us both. 



What resources do you use to make covers? 

I only use licensable stock photography from reputable sites (Deposit Photos, Shutterstock, Period Images), and I only use fonts I've purchased or obtained through Adobe.

At the end of your project, you will receive a document listing the stock photos and fonts used for your cover should you wish to purchase an extended license for swag. 

Do you price by the number of stock photos used?

I do not. It's too limiting for me to set a strict number of stock photos. I typically use between 7 and 25 images per cover. It's a lot, and most covers fall closer to the 10 mark, but it takes what it takes. However, if your intention is to use the cover image for merchandise, let me know ahead of time and I will make an effort to use as few assets as possible so you're not paying out the nose for commercial licenses. 

Do you use AI generated elements?

This is a hot-button issue right now, and rightfully so! It's important to know where your cover elements are sourced to protect yourself and your business. At this time, I do not use AI elements, and I would never use them without expressly making their inclusion clear. I do think that AI will become more common and accepted in cover design as the issues with copyright, attribution, and financial compensation to original artists are resolved. Honestly, using AI engines is not as easy as people think it is. Crafting usable elements takes time and patience, and I have neither. That said, I have no control over what stock photo sites allow their vendors to sell, and as time goes on and the quality of the tech increases, it may be harder and harder to keep those elements separate from regular photographs and vectors. 

How often do will you update your premades page?

I would like to do premade drops monthly at minimum, we'll just have to see how things shake out.


Do I have to buy a booking slot?

Not at all, that's just for your convenience. If you'd rather set up a cover with me directly, email me at

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